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Kelly Construction Begins Earthworks on Barbuda Energy Resilience Project


The Barbuda Energy Resilience Project is making progress, with Kelly Construction commencing the crucial earthworks phase. This important project aims to improve the island’s energy infrastructure and ensure its resilience in the face of potential natural disasters. Let’s take a closer look at the earthworks underway and what they mean for the Barbuda Energy Resilience Project.

Scope of Work for Kelly Construction

As part of the Barbuda Energy Resilience Project, Kelly Construction is responsible for various tasks during the earthworks phase. These tasks include:

Trenching: Digging trenches is essential for installing the underground ducting system that will carry power lines and other utilities. This step helps to protect the island’s energy infrastructure from the damaging effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes and tropical storms.

Installation of underground ducting system: Once the trenches are in place, Kelly Construction will install the underground ducting system, creating a secure network for the island’s energy distribution.

Construction and installation of concrete manholes: To ensure easy access for maintenance and repairs, concrete manholes will be constructed and installed throughout the underground ducting system.

Impact of the Earthworks on the Barbuda Energy Resilience Project

The commencement of earthworks marks a significant milestone in the Barbuda Energy Resilience Project. The work being carried out by Kelly Construction will have several positive effects on the island’s energy infrastructure:

Enhanced resilience: By installing an underground ducting system, the island’s energy infrastructure will be better protected from natural disasters, ensuring the continuous supply of electricity even during extreme weather events.

Improved reliability: With a more secure energy network, the island of Barbuda can expect fewer disruptions in service and a more reliable power supply.

Long-term benefits: The investment in a resilient energy infrastructure will serve the island for years to come, providing a stable foundation for future growth and development.


The commencement of earthworks by Kelly Construction is a pivotal step in the Barbuda Energy Resilience Project. By focusing on trenching, underground ducting system installation, and concrete manhole construction, the company is working to create a more secure and reliable energy infrastructure for the island. As the project moves forward, the people of Barbuda can look forward to an improved, more resilient energy network that supports their community’s growth and prosperity.

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