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Kelly Construction Completes Comprehensive ESIA for the Escape to Belize Project


Kelly Construction has always been dedicated to responsible and sustainable development. In line with these values, the company has completed an extensive Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Escape to Belize project. This ambitious development is set to take place on approximately 214 acres of land in the Corozal Peninsula, Belize. Read on to learn more about the ESIA process, the collaboration with experts, and what this means for the future of the project.

Collaboration with Local, Regional, and International Experts

Over the past year, Kelly Construction has been working closely with local, regional, and international experts to ensure that the ESIA for the Escape to Belize project is as thorough and accurate as possible. This collaboration demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainable development and respect for the local communities in which they operate.

The Extensive ESIA Process

The ESIA is a crucial part of any major construction project, as it helps to identify and evaluate potential environmental and social impacts that may arise during the development. By conducting an extensive ESIA, Kelly Construction can mitigate potential risks, protect the environment, and foster positive relationships with local communities.

Some key aspects of the ESIA process include:

Identifying potential environmental impacts, such as changes to water quality, air quality, and biodiversity.
Assessing social implications, including potential effects on local communities, cultural heritage, and public health.
Developing mitigation measures to minimize adverse impacts and enhance positive outcomes.
Engaging with stakeholders, including local communities, government agencies, and other interested parties, to gather input and feedback.

Next Steps for the Escape to Belize Project

With the completion and submission of the ESIA, Kelly Construction is now awaiting further discussions with regulatory authorities to begin the next phase of planning for the Escape to Belize project. This will ensure that the development meets all necessary environmental and social requirements, setting the stage for a successful and sustainable project.


The extensive ESIA conducted by Kelly Construction for the Escape to Belize project highlights the company’s dedication to responsible and sustainable development. By collaborating with experts and conducting a thorough assessment, Kelly Construction aims to minimize environmental and social impacts while fostering positive relationships with local communities. As the project moves forward, the company remains committed to upholding these principles, working towards a brighter and more sustainable future for Belize and beyond.

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