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Kelly Construction Reaches Major Milestone in Anguilla Airport Terminal Building Project


Kelly Construction continues to make significant strides in the construction industry with their latest achievement in the Anguilla Airport Terminal Building (ATB) Enabling Works Package 1 Project. The team has reached substantial completion on all major work activities, marking a crucial milestone in the development of this vital infrastructure project. Read on to learn more about the work completed so far and the impact it will have on the airport and the community.

Major Work Activities Completed

The Kelly Construction team has successfully completed several key tasks in the Anguilla ATB Enabling Works Package 1 Project, which include:

Construction of a new parking lot: To accommodate the increasing number of travelers and visitors to the airport, a new parking lot was constructed to provide additional space and improve overall traffic flow.

Expansion of the existing airside apron: The expansion of the airside apron allows for more aircraft to park and maneuver safely, enhancing the airport’s capacity and efficiency.

Construction of a new south taxiway: The new south taxiway improves the movement of aircraft between the runway and the apron, increasing the airport’s operational efficiency and reducing delays.

Related ground lighting: The installation of new ground lighting systems ensures the safety and efficiency of aircraft movements during nighttime and low-visibility conditions.

Impact on the Airport and the Community

The substantial completion of these major work activities marks a significant step forward in the overall development of the Anguilla Airport Terminal Building Project. These improvements will have a positive impact on both the airport’s operations and the community at large:

Enhanced airport capacity and efficiency: With the completion of these major work activities, the airport can accommodate more aircraft and handle an increased volume of passengers, leading to a more efficient and streamlined operation.

Economic growth: The airport’s expansion and improvements will contribute to the growth of local businesses, tourism, and other industries, creating new job opportunities and boosting the region’s economy.

Improved passenger experience: The new facilities and upgraded infrastructure will provide travelers with a more comfortable and efficient experience, making the airport more attractive to both domestic and international passengers.


The substantial completion of the major work activities in the Anguilla Airport Terminal Building Enabling Works Package 1 Project demonstrates Kelly Construction’s commitment to delivering high-quality infrastructure projects that benefit the community. As the project progresses, the improvements made to the airport will enhance its capacity, efficiency, and overall passenger experience, contributing to the economic growth and development of Anguilla.

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