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RLB Airport Runway Refurbishment Completed On Time in St. Kitts

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – A major construction company has announced the on-time completion of a runway refurbishment project at Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport ahead of the peak Caribbean tourist season.

The company oversaw critical renovations to the airport’s asphalt apron and surrounding areas. The timely finish ensures the regional hub is ready to accommodate increased air traffic demand.

“We proudly delivered exceptional results within a demanding timeline, This accomplishment showcases our dedication to quality and efficiency as a trusted partner in transforming vital Caribbean infrastructure.” Remarked the Kelly Construction Team.

The comprehensive airport refurbishment presented multiple challenges, including a strict project deadline. But with expert collaboration and unwavering commitment, the company achieved substantial completion on schedule.

“Our team navigated the challenges seamlessly to finish on time,” remarked Kelly Construction’s Management. “We’re thrilled to have successfully prepared this critical airport for the busy tourist season.”

The completed RLB International Airport upgrades will boost the regional travel hub’s capacity, safety and operational flow. The project exemplifies the construction firm’s reliability in enhancing essential infrastructure across the Caribbean.

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